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  Scuba dive with a gay and lesbian group

Octopus's Garden
A Gay Dive Trip in the Caribbean


Octopus's Garden Dive Vacation Information

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Learn to scuba dive. Frequently asked questions -- and answers -- if you'd like to take diving lessons.  

Dive lessons from PADI
Not scuba certified yet? Learn to dive from a member of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

  From fairy basslets to parrotfish, you'll meet some colorful and unusual fish while diving. The Reef Environmental Education (REEF) site tells more about coral reefs, and includes a Fish Gallery to help you identify them.  

History, geography, and travel details of this gay-friendly Caribbean island.

Past travelers
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Saba is surrounded by marine preserves.When diving, we discover a world that, for thousands of years, has been invisible to humans. Explore a landscape of strangely sculpted coral, colorful sponges, and fish of every shape and hue.

  A protected diving paradise 

The waters off the tiny Caribbean island of Saba still look as they did before humans first visited. The entire perimeter of Saba is a national park, protected from pollution, and also from the damage done by boat anchors and drag nets on many other islands.

  A trip for experienced divers... 

Saba is known for its underwater pinnacles, towering spires of coral-covered volcanic rock, unlike anything most divers have seen before.

The clean, clear water is home to a striking variety of sea life. Diving in the turquoise waters, we can usually expect to see spiny lobsters, octopi,  nurse and black-tip sharks, sea turtles, and seahorses. Divers marvel at the spectacular variety of coral, sponges, and tropical fish.

...and for those new to scuba

Perhaps it's time to get your scuba certification! You can do that during our dive week or, if you'd like to have more time for diving, go through the classroom and pool exercises with a PADI course where you live. Then, get your open-water experience on Saba (this arrangement is known as referral).

 No beaches!

Many people are surprised to learn that Saba is a volcanic island rising straight up from the water. It has no beaches, other than the ephemeral sandy spots left by the latest storm. Why should that make us happy? Because it lacks beaches, Saba has not become overrun by resorts and cruise ships. You'll often feel as if you'd stepped back in time; so take time to wander the gingerbread villages of Saba, browse the quaint shops, and take a hike to Saba's abandoned sulphur mine.

And it's gay-friendly 

Saba is Dutch, without the homophobia of many other Caribbean islands. We've made gay friends among leading Saban officials, restaurateurs, and visitors, all of whom welcome us. We've got a feeling your first trip to Saba won't be your last.

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