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  A gay scuba diving week on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Down Under 
Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef

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No spot on earth is better known for scuba diving than the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of northeastern Koala picture.  These cute little guys abound in Australia.Australia. As big as the state of California, the Great Barrier Reef is home to 1500 species of fish, 4000 types of mollusks, and 400 varieties of coral, sculpted in every conceivable shape.

A reef this enormous offers opportunities to see some big animals. Giant clams, with iridescent lips, dot the bottom. Whales, sharks, and giant rays make the reef their home or highway. And with each dive, you'll see new species of the smaller, colorful tropical fish that make your dive vacation a never-ending kaleidoscope.

  A week on a live-aboard boat 

Most scuba diving in Australia is done as day trips, from Port Douglas or Cairns. These offer access to some excellent sites, but a land-based dive trip doesn't let you see the most out-of-the way spots. We'll be on a live-aboard dive boat all week, allowing access to dives sites too far for land-based divers.

What's it like to spend all week on a boat with the same group? Here's a fact that should reassure you: Of the 16 people who came on our first live-aboard dive trip (our Caribbean trip, Sea Squirts), 14 of them signed up for Down Under the next year.

The same dive company operates our Great Barrier Reef boat. So whether you come to the Caribbean or to Australia, you can count on good food and superb service on deck, as well as a fantasia of new lifeforms below the waves.

  The life of a dive bum 

A live-aboard boat, say those who have dived from one, offers the perfect dive vacation. Dive up to five times a day, including a night dive, without ever moving your equipment. Then spend the rest of your time relaxing in the sun, reading or watching a movie in the boat's library, talking or playing games with new friends, and enjoying three great meals a day, plus snacks and complimentary drinks (after you've done your last dive of the day).




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